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Health Therapies

Firestar Therapies

During your stay at Caalm Camp give your body and mind the opportunity to unwind, relax and destress. Enjoy some quality pampering time with relaxing, nourishing holistic treatments provided in your yurt. My name is Pauline Elsworth and I have the pleasure of working at Caalm Camp offering you relaxing holistic treatments during your stay. Each treatment is individually tailored to your requirements following a consultation where I will take a brief medical history. The treatments will take place in your Yurt and your booking and payment will need to be made direct to me prior to your stay. Please see the list below for available treatments and contact me either by email or by phone on 01963 23705. Please let me know your name, address, dates booked and treatments required. If you have a preference for a date or time for your treatment please let me know as places get filled quickly. I can also offer holistic workshops if you are staying in a group. Please contact me for further details.

Treatments Available


Reiki is a safe and gentle technique where I harness the life force energy that exists all around us. Givien through clothing with you either lying on a couch or seated I channel this energy this energy through my hands to you. The energy goes exactly where it is needed allowing you to receive what is appropriate for you at that moment allowing the body to balance and restore itself. It is very relaxing and clients often fall asleep during the treatment and a great tonic to the mind, body and soul.

Treatment time 1 hour Cost £40.00

Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy is a wonderful treatment using beautiful crystals that have been given to us by Mother Earth; each stone has a different property that resonates with us in a different way. The aim of the treatment is to bring harmony and balance into your life at all levels mental, physical, emotional and spiritual allowing you to see what is required in your life. The treatment is given lying down on a couch. You are fully clothed and crystals are placed on and around you. Tibetan singing bowls are also used if I feel sound is required. The treatment is very powerful and relaxing.

Treatment time 1 hour Cost £50.00


Reflexology is a relaxing and effective therapy based on a concept that congestion or tension in the feet mirrors tension or congestion in the corresponding part of the body. It is an ancient therapy that mapped the whole body onto the feet allowing every area to be worked. My fingers and thumbs are used to apply gentle pressure to the feet as they work on reflex areas. Tiny deposits or imbalances are detected and by stimulating these areas the blockages can be released allowing energy to flow freely around the body encouraging the body to heal. The treatment is very relaxing and balances the whole body mind, and soul.

Treatment time 1 hour Cost £40.00

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is a relaxing and gentle treatment that combines a deeply relaxing gentle massage with the absorption of pure essential oils through the skin and into the body. Essential oils have their own individual therapeutic uses and can assist with ailments or an emotional state. I will select a combination to suit your requirements following an in depth consultation, leaving you feeling relaxed, pampered and smelling wonderful.

Back, neck and shoulders treatment time 1 Hour including consultation £40.00

Full Body treatment time approx. 1hr 30 minutes including consultation 60.00

Shamanic Therapy

Shamanism takes its roots from many cultures in all areas of the world and Shamans’ believe that all disease whether emotional or physical begins as an imbalance in the spiritual realm. As a Shamanic practitioner I walk with one foot in this world and one foot in the world of spirit and act as a hollow bone and bring back guidence, wisdom and healing from the spirit realms for you. I will use drums, rattles, sage or my hands to channel energy to you and allow you to become more rooted and grounded to Mother Earth and more connected to nature.These are speciali Treatments may include soul retrieval, sword cleansing, energy balance, illumination, power animal retrievel and apache sage ceremony. I also offer past life regression work and walking back through the generations of your family for ancestor and family pattern healing.

If you are interested in these treatments please contact me for an in depth discussion.

Shamanic Treatment time approx 1 hour -1 hour 30 minutes £60.00

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