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Halloween and half term are fast approaching, and are two of the best times of year for some winter glamping at Caalm Camp! When considering Dorset for a family holiday, you may not always consider it to be a hub of Halloween and spooktacular fun, but spooky Halloween tours are offered throughout Shaftesbury – just down the road from Caalm Camp.

The town of Shaftesbury is a short five mile drive up the hill from Caalm Camp. There is a wealth of history surrounding this ancient Saxon town, but if it’s ghostly tales that you’re interested in, then Shaftesbury Abbey is where you need to begin.

Shaftesbury Abbey

Caalm Camp is perfectly located to enable a visit to Shaftesbury Abbey. Founded by King Alfred in 888, the Abbey, which housed nuns, was considered the second wealthiest nunnery in England. It attracted many wealthy visitors and was considered a place of pilgrimage.

The Abbey is home to the remains of St Edward the Martyr – a young man made King at the tender age of 17, only to be murdered at Corfe Castle just three years later. Many miracles were claimed during his transfer to Shaftesbury Abbey, and once in situ the miracles continued at his tomb side – a tomb which was observed to mysteriously rise from the ground.

In 1539, Henry VIII ordered that the nunnery be destroyed. Shaftesbury Abbey itself is haunted by a monk who was the sole guardian of the true location of the Abbey’s hidden treasure. He died without passing on the information and now returns to ensure it remains hidden.

If you would like to visit Shaftesbury Abbey here is some more information – Shaftesbury Abbey.

The Kings Arms Pub

The Kings Arms pub, located along Bleke Street in Shaftesbury, is said to be constructed using stone from the Abbey ruins. This could play a part in the mysterious activity observed here. The pub is also said to be haunted.

A figure known as ‘The Grey Lady’ has been observed walking through the bar area and disappearing through the wall where a coaching arch once stood. The Grey Lady is believed to be a 16th century nun who escaped from the Abbey during the dissolution. It has also been reported that the pub often has its gas taps turned off within the locked cellar.

If you fancy popping in for a spooky lunch or a spooky drink, here is some further information – Kings Arms Pub.

The Ship Inn

Also located along Bleke Street you will find The Ship Inn – a pub which reports mysterious temperature drops, unexplained noises from the cellar and phantom footsteps. A tall man in a black suit is believed to be the culprit – a man who rather resembles an undertaker.

A short distance away at Gold Hill, another worthwhile visit, it is said that the ghosts of two men leading pack horses escort the body of Edward the Martyr to his final resting place at the Abbey. Is it possible that this is one of those men?

Under the staircase of the Ship Inn is a sealed tunnel. This tunnel is said to lead to the Abbey via The Grosvenor Hotel. For more information on The Ship Inn, please click here – The Ship Inn.

The Grosvenor Hotel

The Grosvenor Hotel is located just off of Bleke Street and is situated between both aforementioned pubs and the Abbey. The hotel was once home to an order of monks who lived here until the building became a public house. The Grosvenor is said to be the 5th most haunted hotel in the country and has a well known reputation for being extremely haunted.

In the cellar of the Grosvenor (the oldest part of the building) many staff members have been terrified at the sight of a monk. Often caught in peripheral vision, he can be seen lurking amongst the barrels. In an interview only last month, the newly appointed manager was in the cellar going about her duties when plaster mysteriously started falling from the wall. The said wall was in no way damaged or unsafe and yet parts of it just fell to the floor. Could this be where the tunnel meets the Grosvenor Hotel from the Abbey? It would certainly explain a few things!

Other reports at the hotel include the renowned ‘Grey Lady’ who roams the corridors of the upper floors, and a young mischievous girl who likes to pull the bed sheets from the hotel guests at night. Maybe staying at The Grosvenor Hotel might seem a little bit too spooky, so we definitely advise staying with us at Caalm Camp, but visiting The Grosvenor Hotel for a spooky trip. Here is some more information – The Grosvenor Arms.

So whether you’re planning a Halloween stay at Caalm Camp, or you’re a scare enthusiast hoping to encounter a ghostly ghoul, a trip up the hill to this mysterious town is a must during your winter glamping.

The good news is that once you’ve finished exploring all the spooky haunts in Shaftesbury, you can return to our yurts, light your fire and relax. Rest assured that your bed sheets should remain intact during your stay with us. As yet there have been no paranormal activity reports at our Glampsite.

Happy Halloween 2018, and we can’t wait to see you for the best time of year – Autumn and Halloween are just fantastic at Caalm Camp! Do call us on 01747 838565 if you have any questions or to book your stay on our booking page.