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Terms and Conditions

Please read our Terms and Conditions prior to making a booking with us.  We will have to assume that upon booking your that you have agreed and, therefore, understand what we can and cannot do in the light of the pandemic.  For example, we will not be held liable for refunds in the event that your stay with us has to be cancelled for COVID-related reasons, since this is an event beyond our control.

Caalm Camp and Corona Virus

The following measures have been taken by Caalm Camp as a result of events directly related to the Corona Virus, and we hope you will agree that we are well prepared and equipped to accommodate your safe stay with us.

WHO Announcement

On March 11th, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global pandemic, the world is worried, and we know that many of you are too. With the news dominated by Corona Virus (Covid-19), we are learning something new about this disease and the impact it is having on lives every day.  We would like to assure all of our guests that we are doing everything in our power to ensure the wellbeing of all our guests and staff to remain open throughout the pandemic.

The efforts we are making:

  • We have enhanced our already robust cleaning procedures
  • We are paying special attention to all the areas people make contact with such as door handles, switches and furniture.
  • We are cleaning frequently with anti-bacterial products and encouraging all employees and customers to be ever more vigilant about frequent hand washing and using sanitisers.
  • We are instructing our staff members who feel at all ill to stay at home and self-isolate until we can be certain they are well enough to safely return to work.

These are unprecedented times for everyone, so we look forward to offering a safe sanctuary to those seeking to escape from all the stresses and strains of COVID.

To make changes to an existing booking, please contact us by email or phone to let us know.

Signs of Covid

We politely request that you do not visit us if you are feeling unwell or are showing any signs Covid, ie, have  a cold, have a cough or recently returned from a COVID-affected area.  We have to think of the safety of everyone staying with us. We look forward to welcoming you at Caalm Camp when you are feeling better.  If you are self-isolating, however,  then please wait until after the self-isolation period to come and stay with us.


If you feel unwell and showing signs of Covid-19 symptoms whilst staying at Caalm Camp, we ask that you notify management as soon as practically possible, preferably by telephone.  You must then self-isolate immediately. If it is safe to do so, we ask that you return home and continue to self-isolate and contact a medical practitioner immediately.  We have worked hard to find a balance between supporting our guests, our business and protecting the well-being of our guests and staff.  We are, as always, very grateful to you for your continued loyalty and support.


No one should feel obligated to host or travel if they do not feel comfortable during these anxious times.  Please, therefore, understand that Caalm Camp can not be liable for refunds or expenses you may incur in the event COVID prevents us from from fulfilling your booking.  This is an event beyond anyone’s control.  The following outline some of the other events:

  • Death, serious injury, admission to hospital, serious illness or diagnosis of serious illness of any member of your party or immediate relative of any member of your party. This includes acting on advice to self-isolate by a doctor due to the Coronavirus.
  • Your redundancy or that of your spouse
  • Jury service or witness service in a court of law by you or any member of your party.
  • Terrorism, riots or civil unrest, industrial action, flooding, natural disaster, epidemics, health risks or such similar events (“Force Majeure”). We recommend that you have adequate holiday insurance in place to cover this.

Low Risk at Caalm Camp

On a positive note, Caalm Camp is a low risk campsite due to its comparative small campsite.  We are only able to accommodate a maximum of 36 guests and have allocated private wet-rooms to each yurt, which also benefits from its own private outside area and wet room,   The wide open spaces and limitless fresh Dorset country air is guaranteed to and keep this nasty virus at bay.  We believe the risk of contracting the virus whilst staying at Caalm Camp to be extremely low, particularly compared with some of the larger holiday destinations in the UK.

This statement is valid at the time it was published, but in the light of the ever-changing governmental restrictions, our terms and conditions are, understandably,  subject to change at any time.

Thank you for your understanding.

Where applicable the above policy supersedes our standard Terms and Conditions below.

Coronavirus  Booking Guarantee

  • A low initial deposit of 30% on booking
  • The balance payment will not be due until 30 days before the holiday.
  • In the event you cancel for any reason, we Caalm Leisure are not liable to refund a deposit or balance, we strongly recommend that travel insurance is purchased to cover such a cancellation.
  • If the customer is in credit and chooses to rebook a date where the same accommodation is only available at a higher rate, we will need to add the difference to the overall cost of the stay.
  • We are unable to refund either the deposit or the full balance, if pre-paid by the customer, under this scheme.

When making your booking you are confirming that you have read and agreed with our Terms & Conditions.

Booking Information

A non-refundable deposit of 30% is required to make a booking or payment in full if the first day is within 30 days. We will hold your reservation for 24 hours only and reserve the right to re-let without notice if the we do not receive the deposit during this time. The balance is due 30 days prior to the first day of the holiday.  If you fail to pay within seven days of the due date, we reserve the right to re-let without notice and your deposit will be lost.

Group Reservations

Our definition of a group 10 people or more.

We are happy to accommodate group reservations. During the “Rule of Six” ( when regulations apply ). We will only accept deposits and balance payments from the group’s designated contact. Please be mindful of the fact that we are a relaxed, tranquil site, in a secluded rural setting, so any noise has a tendency to travel, particularity at night. We do not allow amplified music (unless by previous agreement), and request that children have parental supervision at all times.  Adults must remain respectful towards our local residents and fellow glampers and ensure all noise is kept to a minimum, particularly after 10.00pm.

Large Groups     Our definition of a group 10 people or more.

We always aim not to combine large group reservations with families bookings. If large groups wish to book multiple yurts, we ask that you contact Caalm Camp to give them advance warning of this.  Large group bookings  may incur a supplementary charge to compensate for the yurts we cannot book out to other prospective guests.


Should you need to cancel the holiday for whatever reason after the balance payment has been made, we will do our best to re-let it for you. If successful, we will reimburse you for the amount the holiday is re-let at minus an administration fee of £40 per yurt. If we are unable to re-let no refund will be given. We recommend that insurance is taken out by the customer to protect themselves from any financial loss in the case that due to unforeseen circumstances the customer needs to cancel their reservation.

A reservation can only be cancelled or amended by the main contact (the person that made the reservation originally).

Force Majeure Policy

In the unlikely event we are unable to book our yurts out due to event out of our control, Caalm Camp will not accept liability or responsibility for any loss of deposit or payment in full.  These may include, but not limited to, government shutdown, terrorist attacks, riots/civil unrest, industrial action, flooding, natural disaster, epidemics, or any other risks to public health risks.  Equally, we cannot offer refunds if, on the advice of your doctor, you need to self-isolate, due to the Coronavirus or any other such force majeur event.   In other words, if you are forced to cancel your stay.   In the event of this happening, we are happy to offer alternative booking dates for future stays.

Arrival & Departure

Your yurt will be ready from 3.00pm on arrival day, we therefore ask our guests to arrive between 3.00pm and 7.00pm. If you think that your arrival time will be outside of these hours, we ask that you kindly contact us in advance in the event our reception is closed. We may not be able to meet and greet guests who arrive outside of these times,  but we are happy to email you directions to your yurt upon request. Please vacate the campsite by 10.00am on the day of departure, unless otherwise agreed.

Campsite Etiquette

Communal room, kitchen and campsite are shared areas, so we kindly ask you to clean the area you used and tidy up after yourselves out of respect for your fellow glampers.

Please remember you are staying in a rural camping environment with animals, a lake and other hazards associated with the countryside. Some of the camp equipment can be dangerous if misused or left unattended when children are running around. Please be aware that accidents can happen and we cannot accept responsibility for such accidents. It is your responsibility to ensure that you supervise the children who accompany you.

Please remember that we are a tranquil site, located in a rural setting, so noise will travel, particularly at night. We, therefore, do not permit loud music (unless by previous agreement), and request that children are supervised by an adult at all times, and the grown-ups behave respectfully towards the local residents and fellow glampers by keeping the noise level to a minimum, particularly after 10.00pm.

We are happy for you to re-arrange any of the benches and furniture as you wish, but request that leave your yurt exactly as you found it at the beginning of your holiday.

Outdoor shoes must NOT be worn inside the yurt. For this reason we advise you bring slippers or other easy to remove footwear.

We do not ask for a damages deposit as the majority of our guests are careful. We do understand that sometimes accidents happen, so if you do break or damage anything, we would ask that you report it to us immediately, so that we can make arrangements to replace or repair it for the next guests. We will only charge for replacements in exceptional cases where neglect or deliberate mistreatment is apparent, as we accept that a degree of wear and tear is to be expected. Equally if you find anything broken or not working upon your arrival, please let us know straight away.

If you have a complaint, please let us immediately.  We will not accept complaints after the booking period has elapsed or once guests have left the campsite. Caalm Leisure will be absolved from any liability in the event that the  accommodation or any other facilities become unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control.

The maximum number of occupants per yurt (not including babies in cots) must not exceed the maximum number stated in the property description detailed on our website and other sources. The proprietor reserves the right to decline accommodation and/or to order any unauthorised person off the premises. The proprietor accepts no liability for any accident, injury, loss or damage incurred by a guest, their family, visitors, animals, vehicle or personal effects,  whatever the cause.

Guests bringing their own bicycles should ensure they are locked, so please bring locks with you. The proprietor cannot accept responsibibility for damage to or theft of bicycles left on the property. Bicycles are not permitted in the yurts.

We expect everyone who stays at Caalm Camp to respect our yurts and leave them clean and tidy at the end of their holiday, disposing of all rubbish in the recycling and other bins adjacent to The Old Hay Barn. The management reserve the right to charge extra if heavy duty cleaning is required after their departure. We also reserve the right to refuse another booking from the guest should we be disappointed with the condition of the property upon departure.

General Safety Measures

Each yurt has been supplied with both a fire extinguisher and fire blankets. We also provide heat resistant gloves for loading the stove.

In compliance with our Terms and Conditions, all campfires must be attended to at all times, whilst keeping them small and manageable and fuelled only by the firewood we supply.  Parents and guardians are expected to supervise their children round the clock for their safety and well-being. We have taken all measures possible to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable holiday with us, but we, however, can not be held liable for any accidents or incidental losses which occur during your stay with us.  When you book with us you are bound by our terms and conditions which we advise that you fully familiarise yourself with prior to making a booking.