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As you may already know by looking through our website, Caalm Camp is actually a converted dairy farm. The land on which our yurts are situated was once where our very own herd of Fresian cattle grazed. Now, as ex-farmers, we understand the importance of supporting our fellow local farmers, and it is for this reason that I have decided to write about the newly set up Madjeston Milk Station.

Whilst enjoying your glamping experience with us, why not get into the true spirit of Dorset country life and pour your own pasteurised, non-homogenised whole milk? You will find the milk station a short 5 mile drive from Caalm Camp.

Madjeston Milk Station

The milk comes directly from the farm’s herd of pedigree Ayrshire cows. Each morning the station is filled with milk which has been collected from the cattle only yards away. You can’t get much fresher than that!

The milk is non-homogenised, meaning that the fat particles remain as they are intended to be, and therefore, your body can break them down as it should. The nutritional value remains in the creamy top layer found on the milk. If you don’t fancy the creamy layer, but want to retain the nutritious creamy loveliness, just give your bottle a quick shake before you pour.

The station has a vending machine which is open 24 hours a day, and you can also buy locally sourced eggs, cheese, and butter, as well as the farm’s own deliciously flavoured milkshakes. They have their own branded glass milk bottles which you may purchase to keep and refill. Alternatively, you have the option to purchase a plastic container or bring your own to fill.

So what makes the milk from Ayrshire cows different to that from the supermarket? The milk from these cows has a slightly sweeter taste that regular milk. In fact 87% of consumers chose Ayrshire milk as the best tasting milk! It has a silky smooth texture and the vending machine keeps it at the perfect temperature, no matter how unpredictable the English weather.

If you are visiting us with children, then this milk collecting experience is a great opportunity for them to actually see the cows that produce the milk they pour. Behind the vending shed you have the opportunity to get up close with a few of the farm’s Ayrshire residents.

It is clear to see that this lovingly run family business takes pride in keeping their herd grazing on the finest pastures. The cows are kept outside as much as possible, enabling them to graze freely and produce this fabulous milk. Take the taste test yourself. I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

So pop on down to the farm, collect some milk, and cosy up in your toasty yurt with a nice warm cuppa! You’ll be drinking the freshest milk you will likely come across, and at the same time, have the peace-of-mind that you are supporting a local producer.

Cartons of Madjeston Milk

For more information you can visit their website – To book your Caalm Camp experience, please call us on 01747 838565, or to book your stay on our booking page.