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At Caalm Camp we pride ourselves on making our retreat a special place to stay for all the family. We are based in the middle of the Dorset countryside, and our farm just wouldn’t be the same without our resident goats. Ruby has been a part of the Caalm Camp family for many years, but now we are overjoyed to introduce our new kids, Rupert and George.

Meet Rupert

Rupert, The British Toggenburg Goat

Rupert is a British Toggenburg. The Toggenburg breed originated from Switzerland, and its cross with the UK goat created the British Toggenburg. Toggenburg goats are extremely friendly in behaviour, have a calm nature, and are quiet and gentle in temperament. The Toggenburg goat is often extremely curious and inquisitive, and Rupert displays these characteristics perfectly. In particular he likes shoelaces. I discovered this as he persistently tried eating mine whilst I attempted to take his photo, which I might add, is not an easy feat. These goats just love to play!

Meet George

George, The Anglo Nubian Goat

George is an Anglo Nubian, also affectionately known as the “lop-eared goat” or the “rabbit goat”. George is distinguished by his super cute floppy ears. The Nubian breed is renowned for being sociable, outgoing and vocal. Vocal is certainly something George is already known for here at Caalm Camp. The second he hears you coming, there is absolutely no doubt you’ll be hearing him first!

Ruby, as predicted, has been extremely attentive towards the new little Billies. As a Saneen goat herself, she is extremely calm and good tempered, which has enabled the two new additions to settle perfectly. It seems very fitting that the calm nature of our goats makes them well suited to being residents at Caalm Camp.

Both of our new additions have recently been weaned and lovingly nurtured by Longdown Farm in Ashurst. Longdown have over 100 kid goats at their activity farm, and are located on the outskirts of the New Forest National park, just over an hour from Caalm Camp. Every day, visitors are offered the opportunity to bottle feed their kid goats at 11am and 3pm, and we highly recommend Longdown as another special day out for any families coming to visit us.

Both Rupert and George have been lovingly weaned in this way, and are therefore very tame and approachable. They’d absolutely love to see you at Caalm Camp! We would also like to thank Longdown Activity Farm for the supply of these two cheeky little additions.

For families glamping at our beautiful yurt site in Dorset, there are a huge variety of days out and plenty of activities to fill each day with special adventures. If you’re looking for a quiet family glamping holiday in the heart of the Dorset countryside, take a look at our yurt availability. Rupert, George and the whole Caalm Camp team will all be waiting to greet you!